Monday, October 10, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Alright, at the risk of potentially boring you to death, I'm going to talk about my grocery shopping trips this past week.  I think its interesting to peek into other people's carts and see what they are buying, and I always think Tammy's posts about her Costco trips are fun to read, so here goes...

Costco is about 25 minutes away from my house, so I go once a month and stock up.  Meijer is right around the corner from my house, and I usually run there once a week.  I'd say most of my shopping is done at Costco, but there are several things that we only buy at Meijer.  In general, I try to buy organic when possible and Meijer has a great organic Meijer brand as well as organic produce that we like.  This week I made a Meijer trip yesterday, Costco today, and even stopped at the health food store on the way home for a few things.  Phew.  Keep in mind that all of this shopping was done with three little girls in tow, so I may or may not have made completely healthy choices.

Meijer -
organic Meijer brand: whole milk, sour cream, spaghetti sauce, orange juice, and ketchup;
organic: apples, bananas, potatoes, and onions;
regular: parsnips and a sweet potato (for roasted root veggies)

this is just some of our purchase, waiting to go into the pantry and fridge

Costco -
whole wheat bagels (not completely whole wheat but better than what Meijer carries.  I'm still intending to make my own again sometime, but for now we need something different to eat for breakfasts),
turkey jerky (bad purchase, not flavorful at all),
coffee (for hubby to take to work),
sausages (not free range, but no nitrates, so that's good),
organic frozen green beans,
organic fresh spinach,
pretzel crisps (wish they were whole wheat, but the ingredients are minimal),
fresh raspberries and strawberries (not organic, oh well),
turkey lunchmeat (no nitrates, yay),
cheesecake (yeah, caved on that one, figured we'd save it for a special dinner),
organic butter - 3 double packs,
organic wheat bread - 8 loaves (great price, we freeze this and use it up all month long),
Kashi granola cereal,
wild rice,
rice mix of brown and red rice (this was out for tasting and Lucy loved it),
organic chicken breast 3 pack,
organic eggs - 2 24 packs,
Hanna Anderson leggings (we've purchased a few HA brand clothes here, love them!),
organic Annie's mac and cheese (not whole wheat, ugh),
organic cream,
6 pack of scotch tape (the girls are always taping up some picture or another),
mild cheddar cheese blocks - 2,
maple syrup,
fruit crisps (not organic, but a great snack, its just freeze dried fruit pouches)

Health Food Store -
organic dry beans - black, pinto, kideny, and garbanzo,
yogurt - Stonyfield whole vanilla (Yum!!),
organic cream cheese (the flavored cream cheese at Meijer has all kinds of junk in it, so we buy this and mix it with jam),
hamburger buns (not whole wheat, but not too much junk in them either)

There you have it.  I do buy other things at Costco, but I was already stocked up on them (organic tortilla chips, organic sugar, organic brown rice, etc.)  As you can see, not everything we buy is organic.  Sometimes its just not available.  I could have made my own bagels, hamburger buns, and granola, but not this time.

Our pantry and refrigerator are full!  I will probably make a couple of quick trips to Meijer for produce or random items, but other than that I do not have to make a big trip out until next month.  The girls did great with all of the shopping.  I bring snacks along and the taste tests at Costco keep them happy too.  I got several comments today along the lines of "How did you get three such gorgeous girls?" and "Look at those beautiful little girls.", which was fun.  :)


  1. I would like to check out a Costco some time. Our closest one is in the city 2hrs away though. :( That's great that you can buy Hannas there!! Luckily we are able to get most of what we need through Azure Standard, I love love love grocery shopping from my computer. Looks like you're well stocked on lots of yummy stuff! :)

  2. Big Lots has Kashi cereal really cheap. It is at least a dollar or two cheaper per box. I think that is the only really good healthy deal. Sourdough bagels are yummy!