Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sneaky Carrots

One of my children in particular is a very picky eater.  It is nearly impossible to get her to eat any veggies... except when she doesn't know she is eating them.  ;)

Whenever we have macaroni and cheese for lunch, I add two cubes of pureed carrots and no one can taste the difference.  To make the cubes:

- Peel, chop, and steam a big bag of carrots.
- Puree them in a blender with a bit of water.
- Freeze in ice cube trays and store in a plastic bag in the freezer.

Add to cooked drained macaroni along with the butter, milk and cheese as usual.  The hot noodles melt the cubes fairly quickly, and I think the carrots even make the macaroni taste creamier.  You can also add the carrot cubes to spaghetti sauce and whatever else you can think of.

Do you have any tricks that you use on a picky eater?  

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  1. My son eats carrots. My husbad doesn't. Maybe I will sneak them in for him.

  2. Recently I have been able to get my daughter to eat anything for a reward. So if she eats a piece of tomato I will give her a piece of chip/cracker/cheese. Usually only at the end of the meal after she has eaten everything she likes. I have thought of sneaking veggies in her food. I'll have to try it. Thanks!

  3. I add spinach or carrot puree to chocolate waffles in the morning. I know it SOUNDS gross but you seriously can't taste it because the chocolate taste is so much stronger. It's a nice way to start the morning. Cauliflower puree is good in any cheese sauce.
    LOVE the macs n cheese idea! Thank you!

  4. I have a very picky vegetable boy who hates carrots, but he ate them last night when I hid them in the spaghetti sauce. Hah!