Saturday, September 24, 2011

Newborn Stash?

What's your favorite newborn diaper?  

I just got a few new diapers for the baby.  Bumgenius are on sale buy 5 - get 1 free, so after selling some misc. cloth diapers on Craigslist, I was able to buy these.  

I also had a $10 credit to and found this adorable little FuzziBunz XS on sale for $11.16 (sold out now).  Its soo tiny!

I haven't decided what to use as newborn diapers yet.  I like the idea of prefolds or fitteds, I just hate a soggy wet diaper being against baby's skin.  My first two babies were terrible sleepers and I dared not add in another factor that may wake them (a wet feeling diaper).  FuzziBunz sized pocket diapers are definitely my favorite.  If it were practical, I'd love to have a complete stash of them in XS, S, and M.  I just don't think baby will be in XS long enough to justify buying a whole set.  The Bumgenius one size or FB smalls don't fit right away though.  Should I just go with disposables in the beginning, or something else?  Hm....


  1. We always use disposables to begin with, for a number of reasons :
    1. size - newborns are just too small lol
    2. washing - how many times a week do i want to have to wash nappies with the amount newborns go through
    3. If they're asleep i dont want nothing waking them up :)

  2. We do the same, disposables for the first month or two and then we use Fuzzi Bunz One Size. I have a couple other random ones that we love including a AIO and I love that one except for the velcro tabs. I actually just found all this diaper making stuff at JoAnn's yesterday including a whole book so I might dive into that.

  3. In our experience we have found that nothing works as well as Bamboo. We use Bright Star Baby AIO during the day and Bumboo fitted with BSB covers at night. But as a newborn grows so fast I would suggest some tiny covers and prefolds... it won't be long before you can move on to something better and the prefolds are great add ins for larger diapers or cleaning the house later :)
    Diaper shopping is the best! Have fun

  4. I'm glad you posted this! We didn't start using cloth until K was 6 months so I have no idea what to use on a new born. I was planning on just getting more easy fits, and using disposables until the baby was big enough. K was 7lbs 6 oz at 3 weeks early...we have big babies in our family! I really don't want to buy a specific newborn diaper to maybe use for 2 weeks...

  5. We loved the unbleached DSQ pre-folds for all of our kids, no matter what the age/size. The snappi closer and the Nikki wraps & prowraps were our favorites. The regular sized pre-folds work perfectly on our Swiffer mop now that the kids are done with the diapers!

  6. My daughter was 8lbs1oz at birth, and two weeks later she was back to the same weight, and that is when we started using our cloth. We used Bummis prefolds + covers during the day, and the BG AIO at night- didn't have leaks or fit issues- on the smallest setting, it fit just fine!

  7. We use disposable at first. and at night-time still later. i love the motherease one size diapers. used them with 4 kids. i bought 6 Fuzzi bunz one size and i wish i could send them back. Just not for me. Some of my motherease were getting thin so i thought i would try them since they were on sale. i have to use them now since i can't seem to sell them.

  8. I'm glad I saw this post. My husband and I are expecting our first the end of February and are wanting to use cloth diapers. In all of my experience of diapering other little ones I have only changed disposable diapers.
    My husband and I have done a little looking online but hope to get into EcoBuns soon to see what other options there are. One of the ones we found online and liked (because you can put a disposable lining or cloth in the reusable outside) is gDiapers. Have you heard of anyone who uses them. We for sure what to use a disposable for the first little bit seeing this is our first (using 7th generation). How do I really know what is the best cloth diaper for us?

  9. Kristen, congrats! I've never used gDiapers, but check out for reviews. Also has a huge forum where you can go and ask questions. Everyone has their favorite type of diaper, but in the end they all work. ;) Just buy a few different types and see what your favorite ends up being. I do have quite a few cloth diaper review on the blog here if do a search for them. I posted pictures of Esther in them when she was tiny. :) Hope that helps a bit!

  10. Re: "I haven't decided what to use as newborn diapers yet. I like the idea of prefolds or fitteds, I just hate a soggy wet diaper being against baby's skin."

    A great option I've found is to place a bumGenius stay-dry liner on top of the prefold to keep baby's skin dry. Better yet, after I got a 6-pack of those (only $6 at EcoBuns), I discovered that a simple piece of cut fleece (no sewing necessary; use "front" side against skin) works just the same. The fleece is even more economical and it washes up better!
    We started CDing at 5 weeks with #1, but now that I know how much I love not using disposables, I wish we would have done cloth from week one or two. Hoping to do that with future kiddos.