Saturday, June 26, 2010

Princess Says Goodnight Book Review

You already know that my girls are obsessed with books.  and princesses.  What better than a book about princesses?  Princess Says Goodnight by Naomi Howland is a fun book about a little girl who is going to bed and pretends to be a princess the whole way.  She "practices her curtsies while dancing down the hall".  After her bubble bath she "has a special fluffy towel for each one of her toes."

Lucy noticed in one of the first pictures that the girl looks like a princess in the mirror, but not in person.  We discussed the idea that she is pretending and using her imagination.  Julia, however, was convinced that the girl really was a princess.  Lucy thought it was great that the parents went along with it all and didn't say she was silly.

The pictures are cute and the princess is smiling, obviously enjoying her bedtime pampering.  We've been having struggles with my girls not wanting to go to bed so I hoped this book would encourage them.  Maybe we'll have to act it out once just for fun?  If there are any princesses in your home, definitely check out this fun book!

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