Saturday, June 19, 2010

Best Nursing Pads Ever!

I have tried many different nursing pads:

Cotton washable pads = a joke.  Ha.  Nice try being green, not in this area I guess.  I soaked through them in 5 minutes and had to change my bra, my shirt, and the baby.

I ended up using Avent disposable nursing pads and went through boxes and boxes of them.  They bunched up over a day and kind of stuck to me and were not nice, but I didn't leak through them.  Other disposable nursing pads weren't any better and many of them were too big for me.  Some crinkled and made me feel like I was wearing a disposable diaper in my shirt.

Towards the end of my nursing days with Julia I found LANA wool pads.  I think I actually breathed a sigh of relief putting them on.  They were so soft and I wore them constantly.  Until I had Esther and started leaking through them.

I may have found perfection in Knickernappies stay dry nursing pads.  I've been using them with great success since Esther was born.  They are soft fleece on the inside and waterproof PUL on the outside.  The inner layer is hemp, which is antimicrobial and super absorbent.  These are not bulky at all.  I'm thrilled to have a reusable, soft, stay dry nursing pad that I love!

I get mine from Abbys Lane (look here for more retailers).  At $3.25 a pair, with free shipping and 5% off for joining the yahoo group, you can buy one of each color.  :)  If its your first order from Abby's Lane, tell them I sent you (

I received one pair of nursing pads for the review.  I already loved them before that though.  ;)


  1. Definitely agree with you! I couldn't find any reusable nursing pads that didn't leak through or stick to me for my first baby and ended up using the disposable Lansinoh Ultra-Soft Nursing pads because I think those are the best disposable ones out there, but I finally emailed Stephanie at Abby's Lane and asked her for a recommendation and she suggested the Knickernappies pads and I LOVE them!!!! They work so well! And Abby's Lane is a great place to get them -- best customer service you can find, for sure!

  2. I'm glad they worked for you too! :)

  3. I will have to try these. I was having the same problems. One question for you, is how do they wash up? The reusable nursing pads I've tried get kind of worn and harder after a while of washing.

  4. I know what you mean, but no, these don't do that at all. I've been using them for almost six months now and they are still soft and good as new. :)

  5. I am excited to try these! With my son I went through boxes and boxes of lansinoh pads... They were awesome but so damn expensive to be buying constantly. How many pairs do you go through per day?