Friday, May 14, 2010

Haffertee Hamster

Just thought I'd share the sweetest little read aloud books that we are enjoying:

Haffertee is a stuffed toy hamster that Ma Diamond made for her daughter Yolanda. Haffertee has all kinds of adventures with Yo, and in the process learns about God. The books are gentle and fun, perfect for my girls' ages (2 and 4). I have fond memories of my mom reading these books to us and am enjoying sharing them with my girls now. They aren't available new, but I've completed my set by purchasing them used on Amazon (with my Swagbucks!). There are six in the first series and then two more that were written later.

We read Haffertee's First Christmas and Haffertee's First Easter over the holidays. It was such a fun way to teach the girls more about the true meaning of the celebrations. Lucy has brought up some good questions that led to conversations about patience, obedience, and more. We are still working our way through the series, and I'm sure we will be enjoying these many times over.

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