Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodbye, Microwave!

Notice anything different? Yep, lots more counter space! A friend posted a link on Facebook to an article on the dangers of using a microwave. I've read the article before and seeing it again was just the prompting I needed to get rid of mine. Its not actually gone, just downstairs. If we can get by without using it for a while, I'll get rid of it for good.

You can read the article for more information. A few things stand out to me:

- Its a commonly known fact that you can't heat breastmilk in a microwave, it destroys the nutrients. Why would this be different than any other foods? I'm doing the best I can to provide my family with vitamin rich, healthy foods and don't want the microwave working against me.

- There are no studies that I am aware of proving that a microwave is safe to use. In general, I'm just not messing around with my kids health any more. Too many people I know are fighting cancer or other serious diseases without a known cause. If there is something I can do to keep my family healthy, I'm going to do it.

So what are we going to do when we can't quickly heat dinner in the microwave? I don't know! I'll just keep lots of fresh carrots on hand to eat. Good thing my kids like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Stay tuned to see how this goes... (This article on reheating foods without a microwave makes it seem pretty easy.)


  1. I started reading about the dangers of microwaves and our microwave stopped working correctly at the same time. Bonus! On a sidenote: I think you have our old kitchen. It looks just like the one in our old house :)

    I've got a free sample of Rockin' Green set to go out to you tomorrow.

  2. How long have you been without a microwave? Did you find it hard at first? Thanks for the Rockin' Green!

  3. I grew up without a microwave in the house. My Mom never wanted one, I was 16 when I first HAD to use a microwave and needed help from a friend in the break room at work to show me how to use it.. Embarrassing..

    Shortly after my Mom broke down and bought one. Had one ever since.

  4. Our microwave broke over 6 months ago and we just never fixed it! It was the best thing ever because even though I knew of the dangers, my hubby did not and wouldn't believe me. Now however he realizes that we didn't "need" it, so we are free of it! We heat our leftovers in the stove, but my extended family uses a toaster oven.

  5. I think this is silly. My microwave lives on... my son is on a wheat free, dairy free, egg free diet and I'm not going to make cooking any harder than it already is!

  6. Wow, it does sound like you have your hands full with cooking already! What a tough job.

  7. Hi! I am stopping by because I'm looking at the bloggers going to Gleek Retreat~ my kids are 6 and 4 now, but we cloth diapered. I wish I had known about blogging back then, 2003 was a little early for CD (in West Michigan anyway..) and I felt like a weirdo :)
    Also we have a microwave, but it is used about 3x a year, it is way down in the basement storage room! I don't even know why we keep it except we're too lazy to get rid of it. I am scared of them, I always have been and I won't use it for anything my kids are going to eat.
    Looking forward to meeting you!

  8. I grew up without a microwave - when I was 16 my siblings and I put our money together and bought my mom one. We used the stove or a toaster oven. I really wanted a toaster oven for our house but my hubby said no. So one Christmas my sister bought me one as a gift - now I hardly ever use the microwave. I also think food taste better and stays headed longer when using a toaster oven or the stove. Great post, thanks Christy.

  9. Hi, Have you thought of a halogen oven perhaps? I haven't heard many negative reports about it yet, but then haven't also really researched.... But I own one and food comes out 100x better than from a microwave (e.g. lovely crispy baguettes with melted cheese, cherry toms and rocket salad vs saggy wet uneven heated ones? can't compare, though of course, you can't quickly heat up a cup of tea going cold... well at least I've never tried lol). Thanks for the inspiration. I always wanted to get rid of the microwave, just need that extra little motivation ;)