Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cloth Training Pants: Summary

I've recently been posting a series of reviews of cloth training pants. You can read my first post on the topic here. I posted individual reviews (some include giveaways, so be sure to take a look!) for Diaperaps, Imse Vimse, Mother-ease, Princess Julianne's Closet, and Snap-EZ. Tonight I'm going to do a bit of a summary and some comparisons between the brands.

My reviews for each brand were thorough and honest. We really didn't receive a pair of training pants that we didn't like. That being said, there are things about each of them that made them more useful in certain situations. Depending on what you are looking for in a pair of cloth training pants, you may prefer one over another. If you have questions about any of them feel free to ask.


Snap-EZ are the most absorbent, with Mother-ease and Diaperaps being about the same and less absorbent than Snap-EZ. Imse Vimse is next or comparable to these two. Princess Julianne's Closet is the least absorbent.


Princess Julianne's Closet has the trimest fit. Imse Vimse is next, being nice and trim as well. Diaperaps is in the middle. Snap-EZ are next, they are trim fitting, but thick because of the soaker in them. Mother-ease was the puffiest, although not as thick as Snap-EZ. All of the training pants fit well around the legs and waist except for Snap-EZ being a bit snug.


Princess Julianne's Closet were definitely my favorite here. The others are all about the same, very cute and Julia enjoyed choosing all of them at different times. She likes to choose the farm print (Imse Vimse) probably most often. All of the diapers do come in different prints and colors than what I chose though.


Diaperaps - $11 (buy 3 or more for $10 each)

Princess Julianne's Closet - $12 (10% off with code, buy 5 get one free)

Mother-ease - $13.50

Imse Vimse $14.30 cotton, $16.75 velour (free shipping at Abby's Lane, 5% off with yahoo group code)

Snap-EZ - $17.95 or $14.95 for stuffable without insert (prices going up Oct 7, buy 4 save $1 each, buy 8 save $1.50 each)

What we loved about:

Diaperaps- sturdy, doesn't leak, inexpensive
Imse Vimse - trim fit, yet fairly absorbent
Mother-ease - cute prints, sturdy, absorbent
Princess Julianne's Closet - trim fit, can be used as panties when trained, cute prints
Snap-EZ - loved the snaps on the side for changes, nice and absorbent, great starter training pants

So the question is: "Is Julia potty trained?" No. I thought she would train fairly quickly, but she's definitely still learning, which means we'll get lots more use from our cloth training pants! Like I said in my first post, I hadn't used cloth training pants before, but am finding them to be very useful. Julia loves to wear "panties" and pull them up herself. Potty training isn't too stressful for me as I haven't had any big puddles on the floor to clean up. I do take her to the potty frequently and she is sad when she wets her training pants and can't wear them because we have to wash them. I'm sure that in time she will be a pro and we'll be done with diapers all together!

I hope this series was helpful to you. Be sure and enter the giveaways for Diaperaps, Princess Julianne's Closet, and Snap-EZ. I'll close the giveaways on Nov 1st. Thanks for stopping by!

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