Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cloth Training Pants: Imse Vimse

This week I'm running a series of posts reviewing several brands of cloth training pants. Here is my first post on the topic, and here is the first review including a giveaway. Today I'm reviewing Imse Vimse...

Imse Vimse is Swedish for "Itsy Bitsy". The company was started in 1989 in Sweden by a mom when her daughter developed diaper eczema from disposable diapers and then quickly recovered when she switched to cloth diapers. Imse Vimse cloth diapers are now sold across the world.

I purchased a pair of their cloth training pants this spring for Julia after doing some research and reading reviews on diaperpin.com and other places. I like that these have a trim fit, yet include a waterproof barrier. Julia (22 lbs and 32 inches tall) fits nicely in the small size. They are easy for her to pull up on her own and have a nice soft fabric on the outside. I have had some leaks with these when Julia doesn't get to the potty in time and I noticed that the Imse Vimse website suggests adding a diaper liner for more absorbancy or a cover at nap time and as needed.

We chose the farm print and Julia likes to wear this pair often. Imse Vimse cloth training pants come in organic cotton or organic velour. The organic cotton pair has an organic cotton knit outer, two layers of organic cotton terry, and a hidden layer of PUL. There are several cute prints to choose from, or a solid white. To wash these, I throw them in with the diaper laundry or with a regular load of clothing. Turning them inside out helps them get fully clean. The directions say to line dry, which helps the PUL to last longer. I think I usually put these in the dryer though and haven't had any issues. I really like this pair of training pants and since they have a nice trim fit I can see Julia using them as panties when we are out and about after she is potty trained, just for extra protection.

I purchased these from Abby's Lane, my favorite cloth diaper website. Abby's Lane offers free shipping on all orders, and if you join their email group (click on the purple button at the bottom of the home page) you will find a code for 5% off all orders. If you've never ordered from them before, enter my name at checkout (Christy mercy589@yahoo.com) and I'll receive a small credit for referring you. Abby's Lane carries a full line of cloth diapering supplies, baby carriers, and even Melissa and Doug toys (free shipping on all that is a great deal!).

Keep checking back this week for more reviews and some giveaways. At the end of the week I'll post a comparison between the cloth trainers to help you decide which will work for your child. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I wanted to get some Imse Vimse when I was PT Z but he trained too quick that I hardly needed "pullups"