Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 BumGenius Diapers for 23.15

I just placed an order with today and ended up getting 3 BumGenius for only $23.15, here's how: (In order for this to work it does have to be your first order from them.)

There is a code for $5 off of a first time order that includes diapers or formula. "NEW5" I put 3 BumGenius in my cart and then tried this code. It didn't recognize the cloth diapers as being diapers (???) so I had to email the customer service people and they manually typed in a $5 credit on my account.

I also used a referral code- if someone gives you a referral code you can receive $10 off of your order. My referral code is "MERC8687" which if you type in should give you another $10 off. Again, my shopping cart didn't recognize the cloth diapers as being diapers so I had to send off another email and they manually entered the credit for me. If you place an order using my code you get $10 off, and I get a $1 credit for referring you. :)

I chose 3 BumGenius in order to get my total up high enough to hit free shipping, so be sure your original total is above $49.

Now you have 3 cloth diapers for $38.10. Another promotion that is running is that they give you a subscription to Parenting magazine, which you can tell them you don't want and they then mail you a refund for $14.95. This brings your total down to $23.15! You need to print off this form and also print off the final page of your order, showing proof of payment. Fill out the form and stick it in the mail right away with the proof of payment, being sure to follow the instructions on the form.

Make sense? Let me know if you try it and if you have any questions. I haven't received my order or my rebate yet, but I have no reason to expect this not to work. It does require the emails to customer service or calling their 800 number to get the codes to work, but they were very helpful and entered the credits for me without any problems. I'm excited to have new cloth diapers at such a great price.

UPDATE- My mother in law ordered some of these diapers for me today and they didn't honor both the NEW5 and the referral code together. The referral code gets $10 off so we just used that one and will send in the rebate for $15, still a good deal. You can try and see if they will honor both codes for you, but I guess that's not normal policy. They also tried to tell us that it wasn't normal for them to honor the codes on cloth diapers, but it doesn't say that anywhere on their site and they did allow it to go through without a problem. This also works with 3 Fuzzi Bunz, another cloth diaper brand that sells.

UPDATE 2 - If you do order using my code, please let me know that you did so. I am having trouble getting my referral credits to show up in my account and want to be sure that they do. Leave a comment here or email me and let me know you placed an order. Thanks!

UPDATE 3- I did receive my order of diapers very quickly, and have since received my rebate as well. :)


  1. I'm using your referal code right now, or atleast attempting!

  2. I just used your referral code.

  3. Hi! I used your referral code. I e-mailed customer service twice and they applied your code, plus the other one mentioned in the article! Also, I added a cheap box of newborn diapers for 6.99 (Luvs) and then entered the promo code "stinkybutt" which took off another 10 dollars! My total was 36.34 and then I will do the rebate for 14.95 which means I will pay just 21.00 and some change for three cloth diapers and a box of new borns! Thanks so much for posting the how to!

  4. Awesome! I'm glad that worked for you. :)