Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Cell Phones

Ross and I both got new cell phones this week.  He needed/ wanted an iPhone for work, and my phone wouldn't stay charged any more.  We did a bit of research before choosing the phones; here is what we had in mind:

- First of all, I knew we wanted a phone from one of these companies who "have publicly committed to phasing out all brominated fire retardants: Acer, Apple, Eizo Nanao, LG Electronics, Lenovo, Matsushita, Microsoft, Nokia, Phillips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony-Ericsson, and Toshiba" link

- We then checked the EWG cell phone radiation chart.  Searching by provider allowed us to see only Verizon phones, then looking at the ones with a star by them told us which ones are currently available.  Since I was looking at non-smart phones, and I didn't want to  pay $100 for the LG Octane, the Samsung Gusto was the next best option, keeping the above mentioned companies in mind.  I used to have a pink RAZR, too bad this one only comes in black.  Has anyone tried spray painting a phone?  Just kidding...

- Ross needed an iPhone because he uses a Mac and because of all the apps he will use for work.  Although the radiation is not rated well at all, Apple does have a cool note here about their environmental commitment.  (PVC-free handset, headphones, USB cable, bromine-free printed circuit boards, mercury free LCD display, arsenic-free display glass, etc)

- We also checked out the EWG's guide to reducing radiation exposure.  Ross is going to try and use his headset as much as he can, and keep the phone away from his body when possible.

- Lastly, we are going to be sure and recycle our old phones and cords.  Mine was over four years old, so we certainly got a lot of use out of it.  (If you're local, TreeHuggers recycles just about everything you can think of.)

I do have to say, my little $10 Gusto takes much better and faster pictures than my old phone.  Ross is of course loving his iPhone.  Are you worried about cell phone safety at all?  Have you checked out the EWG's report on cell phone safety?  

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