Sunday, February 6, 2011

aden + anais snuggle blanket

Do your kids have a special sleep blanket or item?

Julia has a "mankie" (blankie with an "m") that she likes to sleep with.  She couldn't say the word blanket at the time so she called it a mankie.  Now that she can say the word correctly, for some reason that particular blanket is still a mankie.  Lucy and Esther don't really have anything.

Not that I haven't tried!  I made each girl a cute little taggie blanket before they were born.  They couldn't care less.  One time I asked the girls what toys they wanted to get rid of and the only thing Lucy suggested was her taggie blanket.  I made her keep it.  lol  I recently got these adorable little snuggle blankets from aden + anais to review.  I really tried, but I guess Esther isn't a blanket kid either.

 I did get her to play peek a boo with it for a minute before she was on to something else.

*I* think these would make the perfect snuggly for a new baby.  They come in a pack of two (in case you lose one or need to wash it), and are a thin cotton muslin with super soft satin binding.  The blankets are thin and breathable, so you could even let a little baby use it.  Just the right size to pack in the diaper bag and take along.  sigh.  Maybe I'll have a blanket kid someday.

This about wraps up my posts on sleep.  Check back tomorrow for one more. :)


  1. super cute (the blankets and Esther :)

  2. What a mischievous, adorable smile that is! :)
    My daughter isn't a blanket girl either. I, on the other hand, still have my baby blankets, two of them, stored in my closet--I am 31 years old lol