Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Beginning Readers Bible Review

I have looked through quite a few different children's Bibles in the last few weeks.

The Early Reader's Bible and The Beginner's Bible are both used by Heart of Dakota's homeschool curriculum.  I checked them out from the library to see if Lucy is ready for one of them yet.  The Early Reader's Bible is probably my favorite because of the cute pictures and simple text.  The Beginner's Bible has more information in each story, but I don't care for the pictures.  The people look bug-eyed.  We are already working through a Bible reader in My Father's World first grade along with their phonics workbook.  I think we'll continue with that for now.

We own The Jesus Storybook Bible and I have been enjoying reading it out loud to the girls.  I love the way it explains the Bible stories and really makes them come alive.  This is my favorite children's Bible.

We recently received The Beginning Reader's Bible from Thomas Nelson to review.   The publisher says this is intended for ages 4-8, but it is definitely harder to read than either The Early Reader's Bible or The Beginner's Bible.  Lucy did not want to try and read it because she said that the print was too small.  There are little verse numbers printed in the text, which I think are very distracting as well.

The Beginning Reader's Bible has full color illustrations on each page.  On some pages, the text is white because of the artwork.  I think this makes it even more difficult to read.  The artwork is well done and interesting to look at.  My girls did think that the angels were creepy looking though.  Another strange side note is that they forgot to put the page numbers in?  There is a table of contents that references page numbers but there are no actual numbers on the pages.  Its not a big deal, but does seem like an oversight.

As for reading comprehension, I think that falls on the older end of the 4-8 year old range as well.  The Bible does include some fun little activities, prayers, and verses to remember.  Overall I think this is a nice book to own, maybe we will enjoy it more when Lucy is a bit older.  

We received this book free from the publisher through  I was not obligated to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. We really enjoy "Blessings Every Day - 365 simple devotions for the very young" Written by Carla Barnhill, Illustrated by Elena Kucharik. I used to read it to my nephew when I put him to bed babysitting and he wanted to give it to his cousin when he was born. I personally am blessed by the basic truths in the book. The illustrations are adorable. I'll have to show it to you sometime.