Saturday, October 30, 2010

Counting Fruit Seeds

One of our homeschool activities was to cut open various fruits and count the seeds, making a chart of the results.  We had so much fun with this activity and even tried new foods!

I had never tasted a pomegranate before but picked one up at the store just for this activity.  Lucy and Julia both really liked it.  Julia even said she loved it and wanted me to get her a pomegranate every day.  Here is how to open a pomegranate.  You eat the arils, sucking the juice out and either spitting out the seeds or eating them.

The girls both had so much fun eating all the different fruits and deciding which column for me to write them on our chart.  Lucy wanted to cut the apple in half so that we could see the star inside.  As we were working and tasting Julia said "Wow, mom, this is a fun day!"

Julia is normally a very difficult eater.  (Difficult may be an understatement.)  She actually tried avocado with garlic salt and liked it.  We have offered it to her many times and Lucy loves avocado, so I was thrilled that Julia finally tried it and liked it.  We are planning to make lemonade with the juice from our lemon and lime later this afternoon.  This was actually our lunch, along with some cheese and crackers.  Fun!

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