Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book Review: Go Dairy Free

A friend let me borrow her copy of this book shortly after we went dairy free.  It was very helpful!  So helpful that we now own it.  :)  Go Dairy Free by Alisa Marie Fleming is packed full of information - everything you would ever need to know about being dairy free.  This guide and cookbook offers chapters on ordering at a restaurant, navigating the grocery store, equipping your kitchen, and then goes on to provide recipes as well.  It even mentions camel milk - now that's more information than I needed, but still...

I love that there are recipes in the book, but there are also those really valuable non-recipes like "shake some nutritional yeast on popcorn" and about putting olive oil in your freezer to make a spread.  This is definitely a good resource to have on hand and to look through over and over again.

Godairyfree.org is the website run by this author and is another hugely helpful resource for anyone going dairy free.  There are recipes, product reviews, helpful hints and much more worth checking out.

Another fun cookbook is My Sweet Vegan by Hannah Kaminsky.  This one contains some gorgeous photos and a wide variety of anything sweet that you might want.  We are gluten free and I haven't played around with replacing the flours in her recipes yet.  They look delicious though and a fun choice for anyone who is vegan.  :)  There is a version of this book for Kindle too!

Disclaimer: I received these books for review.  Opinions are my own of course.

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