Friday, November 1, 2013

Puppy Training Books

We have been enjoying reading though a couple of puppy training books.  Training a dog is so important, and so easy and fun at this young age.  Poca already knows how to sit, stand, lay down (sometimes), ring a bell to go outside, and she's working on coming when called.  I'm excited to teach her more as she grows.

The Puppy Primer came highly recommended on Amazon.  Since it was ten years ago the last time we had a puppy, I needed to brush up on my skills.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to train them!  The Puppy Primer is very well written and covers the basics.  Lucy asked me if she could read this one and while there are no pictures, I think it is easy enough for her to understand.  The Puppy Primer includes information on all of the major topics - socialization, crate training, teaching commands, and more.  I really like the way that it is laid out.  You can work through the book week by week, applying what you have just read before moving on.  Tricks and training topics are taught in order, building on what is covered in previous chapters.  I've read through the book, but am going back to the beginning to work through it step by step with Poca.  Definitely a good resource!

I was happy that my library had this book and grabbed it hoping the girls would read through it.  I needn't have wondered - Lucy was reading it constantly, even while eating her breakfast!  Puppy Training for Kids is an engaging book with plenty of photos.  It covers quite a bit.  Lucy was able to read and understand most of it herself.  I like that it talks about how to read a dog's body language and gives tips for successful interaction with dogs.  This book is a great starter book for kids, but I'm also going to have Lucy read The Puppy Primer for more complete information.  This one is more to get her interested in the topic and learn some basics while The Puppy Primer covers more.  

Is there a good dog training book you recommend?  I'm having fun reading up on this!  :)

Disclaimer: We received The Puppy Primer in exchange for review.  All opinions are my own.

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