Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Princess Tea Party

Lucy and Julia recently celebrated their birthdays with a princess tea party!

We had the guests arrive dressed as princesses.  As part of their birthday gift from us, my girls had chosen ahead of time and ordered a special dress from Little Dress Up Shop.  I also got them the matching doll dresses for their American Girl dolls.  We were really happy with the quality, shipping, and customer service from this store!

Some of the fun party events included a princess coloring page, having a photo shoot, making a necklace, and of course drinking tea lemonade and eating cupcakes.

We went to a few different thrift stores in town and found a special tea pot for $4.  Grandma found all the glassware at a yard sale, so each girl got to take home her tea cup and plate.  I also saw plenty of glass punch cups at thrift stores for 25 cents; that would have worked also.  These cupcake wrappers and pics worked perfectly for our theme.  Wilton Princess Cupcake Wraps' n Pix, 12 Count

Our menu included lemonade, gluten and dairy free cupcakes, and fruit salad.

Along with her teacup and plate, each girl got to take home a wand, crown, and the necklace she made.  We used this box of beads and divided them up into individual plastic bags before hand:

I purchased this game thinking it might work for the party.  It is really best with 2-3 players, so we didn't use it for the party, but the girls have been having a blast with it!  They've even been making up their own versions of the game.  The cupcakes are doll sized, so I'm sure they'll be used for pretend parties also.

My girls thoroughly enjoyed their princess party!