Monday, April 1, 2013


When studying fish for science, what does a homeschooler do?  Get a fish, of course!

Meet Eliza Jane.  (Shh.... we know its a male Betta fish, but we're ignoring that fact.)  The kids wanted to name it after themselves, so we came up with a name including their initials E, I, L, and J.  He She also goes by Lizzy.  The girls were so cute picking it out and carefully carrying it home.

Actually, it wasn't my idea to get a fish.  Our science book suggested it (REAL Science Odyssey) and included a great fish study worksheet.  We all sat down and drew and labeled Lizzy, learning about gills and fins.  We also took her temperature (by taking the water temp).  We compared the water temperature, the room temperature, and the kid's body temperature while discussing cold and warm blooded creatures.  I love that homeschooling allows us to be so hands on in our studies!

Here is the review that I did of our science curriculum.  We are definitely still enjoying it and looking forward to the Earth and Space level in the fall.  :)

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  1. Great hands on idea! My daughter wants to get fish as well. She's 10, and I think it'd be a great way to teach responsibility without much hassle, or long term commitment. She's interested in the glofish, and I've got to admit, they're pretty cool!