Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Rag Wreath

I convinced the kids to let me take down the Christmas tree by telling them we could decorate for Esther's birthday party.  After the party (Jan 8) they wanted something else to decorate for, so we jumped right into Valentine's Day!

One of my Christmas gifts was this awesome rotary cutter and mat.  I gave it a workout cutting hundreds of fabric strips.  I used four different fabrics, cutting each into 9" x 1" pieces.  We made two wreaths (one for Grandma's house) and I think we used about 3 yards total of fabric.  I'm not sure exactly though, as I did have to run back to the store for more and I can't find my receipts to check.

The frame is a medium size from Hobby Lobby.  We tied strips around the wreath in random order, but following the pattern of one in the middle and then one on each side.

This is the back of the wreath, just so you can see how I tied them on:

My wreath hanger is this magnetic thing that I bought at Meijer over Christmas.  I saw it mentioned on another blog and had to get one right away!

Fluffy Valentine's Day goodness.

And now our front door is gorgeous!

The girls had a blast helping me pick out the fabrics to use and tying a few strips on the wreath, although they did get tired of it after a while.  When we were finished with the wreaths, I let them design their own Valentine's Day shirts.

It not even Valentine's Day yet!  I still have a few more fun ideas planned.... :)


  1. Those are all awesome projects. I can't wait to get back to Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann's and all the crafting!!!! The boys and I are going into withdrawal. It's just hard to find supplies here that aren't 3x what I know I could get them for over there. I like the could make it for any season, and I suppose re-use the frame when you wanted to freshen it all up. Thanks for sharing!!:)

  2. Cute! Did you buy applique hearts or make them?

    1. That's just how the fabric happened to look, so I cut out the hearts and used them. :)