Monday, July 30, 2012

Green Babies Review

A few weeks ago I attended a virtual baby trade show online.  I had a blast browsing the booths, chatting with various companies, and finding new products.  I know, kind of nerdy, but its true.  I even chatted with the president of Haba US about their non toxic stains.  (She commented that she has seen one of their engineers eat a spoonful of it; its that safe!)

Green Babies is a company that I had not heard of before.  They sent us some of their products to try out.  (shampoo/wash, lotion, bubble bath, spray detangler, and sunscreen)

The ingredient list looks pretty good on all of these.  They include some food grade preservatives, but nothing terrible.  I did not find this in the EWG Skin Deep database yet.  I'm guessing it would be rated a 1 or maybe 2 for some of the natural oils.

We tested out the shampoo/ body wash and found it to be very mild.  There is a faint scent to it, but its earthy and nice.  None of the girls reacted to it at all.

The lotion is actually pretty thick and had to be rubbed in.  Its not greasy, just thick and nice.  I hate watery lotion.

I need to use coconut oil as detangler in Julia's curly hair, but the Green Babies spray was nice for Lucy and Esther's straight hair.  It helped the tangles out without being too oily.

The girls loved having a bubble bath.  I put in several capfuls, and it did okay.  We got some bubbles, but they weren't super thick.  The girls were thrilled though!

The sunscreen went on nicely.  It is a bit white, like most mineral based sunblocks, but thin enough that it rubbed in well.  I really liked the tangerine scent; it wasn't too strong and smelled fresh.  Another plus is that this is a non-nano sunscreen.

Overall we enjoyed the various products that we used.  I'm thankful that there are more and more healthy safe choices out there for body care products.  Check out Green Babies website if you are interested in learning more about their fun products.  (They also sell some adorable clothing!)  Thanks Green Babies!

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  1. These products sounds great. I never thought to use coconut oil as a detangler. Thank you for the idea.