Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wubbanub Review

When I first saw Wubbanubs, I thought they were a crazy bad idea.  Somewhere along the way I found my Amazon-addicted self reading reviews of them.  Now we have one and love it.

Okay, I thought this was a beanie baby with a pacifier attached.  Not so much.  They aren't really that heavy or big.  We have the lamb, and it is very lightweight.  You can see in the photo below that even if I put the paci in backwards so the lamb is over his face and nose, he is still perfectly fine.  It compares more to a pacifier ribbon in weight than to a beanie baby.

The Wubbanub helps keep the pacifier from falling, just because it is easy to hang on to.  Also, if it does fall, the pacifier doesn't go bouncing across the room and under the coffee table.  Isaac is just learning to hold on to things, and its super cute to see him snuggling his little lamb!

The lamb smelled a bit "new" at first so I put the whole thing through the wash.  I used the delicate cycle and air dried it; it turned out fine.  We've had several people comment about how cute the Wubbanub is and what a great idea it is.  The only problem is that there are so many adorable ones to choose from!

Isaac likes his Wubbanub lamby!

We received the Wubbanub for review.  All opinions are my own of course (and Isaac's).  :)


  1. he is so adorable! love that second chin :)

  2. First.....Isaac is so sweet!!!! Eva LOVED her Wabbanubs! The NICU that she was in for 13 days after she was born used them with her and I ordered a BUNCH before she even left the hospital. WHen it was time to say good-bye to the paci, I cut them off and she she had the stuffed animals she loved! She still plays with them now!!!!!

  3. Isaac has lots of chins too! :) Love it. He totally looks like one of you guys! <3

  4. Karson had a few of these as a baby, and I totally forgot I still have them. They are great for in the car! I will have to get them out for Ellary-just wish they came in pink too.:)

  5. So cute! I've seen those little things floating around (thanks for clueing me in about their name), and I thought that they seemed like a good idea for the babe to hold on to. These will be on my radar for any future babies. =)