Sunday, February 26, 2012

SmartWool Review

I'm a SmartWool convert!  At first I thought it was crazy when I heard about these expensive socks and how much people love them.  I'm convinced now.  Ross picked up a pair on sale this Christmas and raved about how they kept his feet warm instead of clammy and cold like other socks do.  Soon after that, I was able to try some out for review.

Some background on my sock wearing habits: I always get adorable printed socks from my mother-in-law for Christmas, and I love them.  But I never wear them.  I hate how synthetic fibers feel on my feet.  They make me sweaty and claustrophobic.  This is how my feet normally look:

Comfy, but not very pretty.  I suppose plain white cotton socks are okay around the house, but with certain outfits or when you go to someone's house and take off your shoes and everyone sees your socks... yeah, the bright white sticks out a bit.  Enter: SmartWool socks!

SmartWool socks are made of wool (obviously!), and are quite comfy on my feet.  Unlike other socks, they allow my feet to breathe, and keep them toasty warm at the same time.  Thus I have successfully ended the bright white sock embarrassment factor in my life.

Esther got to try some SmartWool socks too.  I'm happy to say that she too loves SmartWool and will never have to grow up with sock embarrassment.  She likes to look for the little SmartWool guy on her socks:

Hers have gotten a little fuzzy from being worn on our wood floors, but that doesn't seem to bother her.  She does slip when she is wearing them, so grippers on the bottoms would be a nice addition.  My kids enjoy wearing printed colorful socks (ie synthetic socks that make me want to gag).  We'll definitely be buying more SmartWool for them instead.

It hasn't been a very cold winter so we haven't used it much, but we were also sent an adorable hat and mitten set.  Esther loves it!  The mittens do not have any thumbs in them, which is a great idea and makes getting them on super easy.  I love the patterns on everything that we were sent too.

Ok, my pregnant feet aren't quite that chubby, this pair is padded for more warmth outdoors.  We also received a couple of SmartWool undershirts (which don't fit over my enormous belly....).  Ross wore one to work and said that it kept him toasty warm.  The seams inside are nice and flat and the wool is very soft (not itchy at all).  I refused to let him wear it again though because I want to wear it once my belly shrinks a bit.  ;)

What about you?  Have you tried SmartWool?  Have you heard more than you ever wanted to know about my sock habits?

I'm so excited that I can now wear cute socks!  Thanks SmartWool.


  1. Nice! I wanna learn how to knit socks! I think I'm gonna start off small and try my hand at newborn socks first :) I'll have to look into these more b/c I too hate the way synthetic socks make my feet feel.

  2. I have one pair of smartwool and they are my go to sock when I know it's going be to cold. I didn't realize they came in so many fun colors. Mine are plain green and about 10 years old. (Have held up well.) I actually bought them for hiking in the summer which they work great for, too. It's amazing how nice quality products really are worth it! I'll have to check out the other fun colors and order more.
    Esther is too cute!!!:)

  3. I always wear Smartwool during skiing. Nice warm feet minus the sweat!

  4. SmartWool is hands down the best socks I have ever placed on my feet! If all of my friends and family that buy me gifts were to get me only a pair of these socks, I would jump up and down and smile!!! They are delightfully soft and cozy!

  5. I run in smart wool socks and have been thinking about buying some base layer stuff too! I love Smartwool!

  6. We love wool socks in our house. Smartwool are the best!

  7. Hey Christy-
    Yes! We love ours. I have found that certain styles get pillier than others and washing them inside out is a tip I heard that has really worked.

  8. Definitely my go-to socks for me and my daughter! :) Love them!