Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pretty Girls

The girls asked me to paint their nails yesterday and were so cute I had to take a picture.  Lucy wanted purple for her fingers and pink toes.

Julia had to have one of each color.  (This is so Julia's personality.)

on her toes too: 

 of course its super safe Piggy Paint.  (If you're local, EcoBuns has some.)


  1. Glad to hear my daughter is not the only one who has to use every single color we have :) Makes me glad I only have four piggy paints...maybe she won't be getting any more for her birthday :p
    The flowers look great, good job momma!

  2. I've never had good luck with our Piggy Paint! It always comes off everyone (myself included) within an hour of it being on! What is the trick?

  3. Vanessa, it does come off pretty easily! We used the hairdryer to blow it dry afterwards, but within a day it was pretty chipped.