Monday, May 30, 2011


I went to Costco for the first time a couple of weeks ago and am now a big fan!  Tammy always raves about Costco, and I've heard others say that they had a decent selection of organic foods.  My mother in law has a membership, so I was able to get in and take a look around.  After comparing prices, I'll definitely be back!

organic tortilla chips at Meijer $5.49 for 22 oz = .25 cents an ounce
organic tortilla chips at Costco $4.59 for 40 oz = .11 cents an ounce

Meijer brand rolled oats at Meijer $3.59 for 42 oz = .09 cents an ounce
Quaker brand rolled oats at Costco $6.89 for 160 oz = .04 cents an ounce

Nutella at Meijer $3.76 for 13oz = .29 cents an ounce
Nutella at Costco $8.79 for 2 - 26.5 oz = .17 cents an ounce

Many of the prices are less than half of what I have been paying at Meijer!

giant 5 lb bags of frozen veggies for $4.99

Other things we bought from Costco at a great price included: parmesan cheese, organic peanut butter, organic brown rice, organic quinoa, organic salsa, organic chicken stock, organic granola cereal, frozen organic corn, broccoli, and green beans, organic free range eggs, cheddar cheese, organic rice dream, fresh organic spinach, organic whole wheat bread, also eco friendly dish liquid and eco friendly dishwasher liquid.

Not everything in Costco was organic, but we found a good selection and what they did have was at a great price.  My mother in law thought I was crazy because I kept going on and on about how great the prices were!  I've been pinching pennies and watching my grocery budget closely, so to be able to purchase organic food at almost half price was amazing!  (I do not but 100% organic, but try to as often as possible.)

Some of the organic food is their own Kirkland Signature brand.  I was curious as to what the quality would be like, but everything we have tried so far has been great.  There are still a few things I will get from Meijer that Costco did not have (organic ketchup, organic spaghetti sauce, etc).  Costco also did not offer much organic produce, so I'll still be buying that from the farmer's market or Meijer.  It looks like a trip to Costco once a month from now on will be well worth it!

Another big plus is that stocking up on staples like brown rice and oats makes my weekly shopping at Meijer much easier because I have less to shop for.  Do you shop at Costco?  I recommend checking it out, the giant bottle of Nutella alone is well worth it.  ;)

(This is not a sponsored post in any way.)  
Linked to Gratituesday.  I'm grateful for cheaper groceries!


  1. I buy about 90% of or groceries at Costco. I love it! Their Kirkland brand organic bread is really good too. :-) They just switched their green beans and broccoli, they used to be organic. I was really bummed when I noticed that!

  2. I keep hearing about Costco and their great organic selection! Alas, our closest one is about an hour away :(

  3. Our Costco has GREAT organic produce! Thats mainly what I buy there :)

  4. I've never been to Costco. Always wondered if it was worth it. I rarely buy any grains (oats, rice, etc.) and never buy eggs, milk, cereal, etc. at a big chain store. So still not sure it's worth it for me. Mostly I buy organic fresh and frozen produce at Meijer. We get eggs and milk from local producers. Can't wait for the farmer's market to start next week!!

  5. Wonderful to hear, Christy! :) I have always really liked the quality of Kirkland Signature products... I love our Costco's organic selection and I'm glad you found so many things you use/buy at good prices! :D

  6. Wow. I never knew they had so much organic stuff. Do they have bulk foods? Like Sam's Club? We bought a 25 lbs bag of jasmine rice at Sam's for $15 and love having that available all the time. Also.. the big blocks of cheese at Sam's are great, but we don't have a membership so we only get it when we go with the in-laws too. :)

  7. Our closest Costco is 1 1/2 hours away, and we combine our grocery stock up with a visit with my parents. We LOVE Costco. In addition to great food, we make many of our other purchases there. They have quality items, and they have a GREAT return policy! We will buy a product from Costco, even if it is a little more, because if we EVER have a problem with it, we can return it - no problem - no time limit. (and even if you've lost the receipt, they can look it up if you know about when you bought it). To sum it up, they REALLY back their products!
    Also, they strive for the best each time they develop a new Kirkland (Costco brand) product. They strive to be superior to the brand names, and so far we agree that the do!

  8. I love it too! I buy the Eagle Mills all-purpose flour. It is about 4 dollars for 5lbs at Meijers and 20 lbs for about $5 at Costco.

  9. Keep checking back and even fill out a request card for items that you hope they will begin carrying...our Costco now carries both organic ketchup and organic spaghetti sauce! :)

  10. I love Costco - look for Ecos brand laundry stuff too - it works really really well and is very nice environmentally friendly and clothing friendly choice. I bought a 210 ounce bottle at Costco a number of years ago, and since then have started ordering a 5 gallon bucket from the company directly once every year and a half or so.
    We buy almost everything from Costco or Sam's Club - not always organic, but everything from diapers and baby wipes to dog food, produce, cheese, Nutella (:D), Cheerios, Quaker Oats, soda, Tillamook Cheddar cheese, lunch meats, milk, eggs, cream.... I can go on!

  11. We save about $2 a bag for Rust Out water softener salt. I also love the Earth Mills all-purpose flour.

  12. Have any of you ever tried a natural food coop? I have been buying from Azure Standard out of Dufur, OR for at least 12 years. They have some really great prices. You should check out their website :)

  13. Thanks Tanya, I don't think Azure Standard comes here, but I'd love if they did!