Friday, October 29, 2010


Search & Win

Did you know that you can earn one Swagbuck every day just by voting in the daily poll?  I took me awhile to figure that out.  Across the top, click on "earn" and then on "daily poll".  You will be awarded one Swagbuck just for voting and it only takes a second.  While you're there, do a couple of searches and you'll most likely be awarded more bucks.  Easy peasy.

If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks, its an easy way to earn rewards by searching the internet.  Sign up today and you'll start off with 30 free Swagbucks.  Once you get 450 you can redeem them for a $5 gift card and lots of other cool prizes.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I already have a Swagbucks account or I would sign up through you. It may only be one Swagbuck at a time on this tip, but "a penny (a swagbuck)saved is a penny (a swagbuck) earned". ;)

  2. Aw thanks, Shannon. Glad the tip helped! ;)

  3. I didn't know that either, thanks! I earned 39 today for a search, that was pretty exciting. I never get that many!

  4. Wow! I've never gotten 39, do they still do MegaBucks Friday? I keep forgetting about that.