Monday, July 26, 2010

Muffin Tin Breakfast

bagel with cream cheese, bananas, water, raspberries, blueberries, and vanilla yogurt

We had a Muffin Tin Monday breakfast today.  All three girls are sick with stuffy noses, coughs, and sore throats.  I thought making breakfast fun would encourage them to eat and would be a good way to include healthy foods.  I was right; they were way impressed.  "We've never had a muffin tin breakfast before!", "Is it lunchtime Mommy?", and "Do we have to nap after this?".

Remember the dinosaur sandwich lunch?  They are obsessed with it and ask for it every day.  I have to include rocks and dinosaur food every time too, although it can vary what that actually is.  As I was making this lunch, Julia said she wanted an elephant sandwich and Lucy suggested we find an elephant cutter so we can have elephant sandwiches.  I was relieved to find tiny elephant picks in our swap package and they were thrilled.  I do believe Mr Elephant is purely responsible to Lucy eating her bananas, so I thank him for that.  The meal went over well and they polished off every bit of it (after I bribed them with watching a Dora dvd).

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  1. Cute cute cute! My little guy calls our elephants his "Peanut" picks (all elephants are named Peanut). Lunch Punch has elephant sandwich cutters in their critter set. :o)

  2. Hello ,
    Love ur ideas here n the wonderful tortilla recipe too ....

    - Smita
    ( Food ideas to feed Picky eaters )

  3. We are totally new to MTM. Your breakfast looks so yummy. I hope your girls feel better soon.

  4. The picks sound great! I am all for anything that helps kids eat.