Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fundana Sale!

Caryl of Imports Unlimited is excited that so many of you are interested in her Fundanas and getting outside in nature with your children. She has decided to offer a special sale on my blog! Until the end of October, you can order as many Fundanas as you'd like for only $5.25 each. That is 25% off the regular price, and there is no shipping fee! In order to get this special, you'll have to email Caryl directly at You will need to mention my blog and prepay by check or call in your credit card number, email her for more details about that. This special will not work on their website and therefore cannot be done through paypal. Also, this is for US addresses only.

You can read my review of our Fundanas here. We are definitely planning to order more of these, my girls have really enjoyed them. These would also make great Christmas or birthday gifts, so I'm planning to stock up. The giveaway for a Fundana is still open until Sept 15th - leave a comment on my review post if you'd like to enter that. Thanks Caryl!

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