Sunday, July 12, 2009

Garden Update

My little garden is a bit weedy, but doing well! I have onions, carrots (that need to be thinned out), cilantro, basil, peppermint, oregano, tomatoes (heirloom, patio, cherry, and more), and peppers (jalapeno and bell).

So fun to watch it grow from this.

See the little peppers growing? They are right in the middle of the photo. I know, you can't really see them, but I'm so proud of them I just had to include them.

Strawberry plants that we just put in this year - no berries till next year though.

A giant sunflower that the squirrels planted for us, a huge mum that comes back each year, and lots of weeds growing around it. The tall stuff behind the daisies includes a lilac bush and a butterfly bush. We have a bird feeder tucked in there that is pretty close to the window and the girls enjoy watching the birds and squirrels that come to it. The butterfly bush attracts lots of butterflies and one hummingbird who comes each year when it blooms a bit later on.

My beautiful lavender - I just harvested some yesterday and am drying it in the basement. I love having this right by the front door, it smells great and blooms wonderfully.

There are six tiny lavenders along the sidewalk. We just put them in this year but they aren't growing much. My tomatoes in pots got overwatered during a big storm we had so they aren't too happy, but they have a few little tomatoes growing anyway. There is a zucchini plant between the first two tomato pots, something keeps eating the zucchini before I can pick it though. The other zucchini plant on the right didn't make it. The other big tall thing? I don't know.

That's my weedy, fun yard!

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