Monday, June 22, 2009

Boob Nursing Wear - Product Review

As I mentioned in my Nursing Necessities post, I've recently been given the opportunity to try out some of Boob Nursing Wear's spring and summer line of clothing.  I'm always on the lookout for cute nursing clothing - problem is, I can never find any!  I breastfed both my girls for almost two years each, and with more babies to come... add up the years... that's a long time to go without having cute clothing to wear.   

I've gotten many strange looks from store employees when I ask if they carry any nursing clothing.  Even places that carry maternity clothing don't bother to think about what you are going to wear after the baby arrives and you're breastfeeding.  (Old Navy, Gap, etc)  Motherhood Maternity, a store in our local mall, carries a few nursing clothes, but they are huge - I guess they assume a person is only going to be nursing in those first post-partum months when you are not quite back to your old size in clothing yet and don't want to wear fitted shirts.  I've found a few places online that sell nursing clothing - Motherwear, Expressiva, and recently I came across Boob Nursing Wear.  

My main nursing attire so far has been Target nursing tank tops worn under everything day in and day out.  In the winter it works okay, but it can be hot to have two full layers on in the summer.  Other brands of nursing tops I've tried also consist of two layers, a layer to lift up and another underneath to cover you.  Although you can find some cute styles made this way, they are still quite hot to wear.  I also end up feeling a bit baggy, like I have too many layers on.  

Boob Nursing Wear has a unique double layer fabric over the bust which allows for easy access yet remains stylish looking.  You aren't wearing two full layers- just over the bust area.  The opening is easy to manage, no strange bunchy fabric to pull around and try to find the opening, no snaps or clips to play with- just slide the opening up with one hand.  Boob Nursing Wear is a Swedish patented innovation, and I must say I'm in love!

Boob's company policies are equally as impressive.  They keep all of their production in Europe and have developed a Code of Conduct addressing issues such as compliance with local labor law, statutory pay and working hours, abolition of child labor, health and safety in the workplace, and more.  Agents visit their factories for regular check ups so that standards are maintained at all times.  Boob is concerned about the environment and chooses producers with advanced technology necessary for handling chemicals and water purification.  As of Spring '09, 50% of the entire Boob collection is made from organic cotton.  Within the company, they are also concerned about environmental impact and contribute in many different ways to this.  Read more about that here.  (Click on About Boob at the bottom of the page.)  I was very impressed to read all of this on their website and feel great about supporting a company with these kinds of goals.  

I was sent four different items to review - (Sorry, these are not pictures of me!)

My favorites are probably the two tank tops.  Again, I love that there aren't two layers to the tops except for the bust area and that the top is so easy access for nursing.  The tops both fit nicely and look great on!  The fabric is nice and lightweight, but feels like great quality.  The tops are both organic cotton with a bit of Lycra.  They are a nice longer length and have a great style about them.

The dress is adorable and has the same style opening (just lift the smocked part).  The straps on the dress are actually a bit too long on me, I'm going to have to sew them shorter to make it fit properly -an easy fix.  I've had several weddings or parties to go to with a nursing baby and just did not have anything to wear.  I love having this cute dress in my wardrobe and I'm sure it will get lots of use.

While I love the style of the smocked blouse, it is not a good fit for me.  The opening is a bit too wide and my bra straps kept showing.  This is something that they have noticed and changed in their fall line of clothing.  Overall I'm impressed with the clothing and will definitely be putting more Boob Nursing Wear items on my wish list for when our newest little nursling arrives.  I'm thrilled that I can wear cute stylish clothing while providing my baby with wonderful mommy's milk.

You can purchase Boob Nursing Wear at,, or check their website for more local and online retailers.  Boob also has a line of Maternity clothing that looks wonderful as well.  Thanks for letting me share my fun find with you!


  1. Wow! You're so lucky to be able to test those out! Those are some PRICEY clothes! If you want to get rid of any, I'll be more than glad to take them off your hands lol

    Do you cloth diaper? If so, would you be interested in reviewing my wet bags?

  2. They are a bit pricey, but the prices at are in Canadian dollars in case you didn't notice that. I totally think its worth the money for a quality organic cotton shirt that I know is made well and is going to last. You already heard my speech on that though, lol.

    I do cloth diaper, I've written a few posts about that. I'm not seeing your email address, send me an email and we'll chat. Thanks!

  3. You are so right about the lack of nursing clothes. When my firstborn was a baby, I was convinced that I would a dress for his Christening (and party). Well nothing would accomodate me to nurse. I wore a dress anywhere....and I sat in a locked room in your pantyhose and nursing bra, nursing our child! Come to think of it that was the last time I wore a dress.
    When we get pregnant in the fall, I will for sure be checking out that website. :)

  4. Can you email me at

    I'm not sure where to find your email addy
    Thanks :)

  5. I there Christy. My friend Nichole Alvarado recently told me about your blog. Happy to be reading! I heard of some nursing wear while I was pregnant with my son and daughter, but they were sooo incredibly pricey!
    I can't wait to hear how you like these clothes :)