Saturday, February 28, 2009

Replacing Recipes

I've been trying to replace store bought food with homemade in as many ways as I can.  I've had lots of recipe flops, but have finally come up with some good ones.  These are now my tried and true go-to recipes.  Its so frustrating when a recipe turns into a disaster, but so rewarding to find ones we love and can add to my cookbook.  

awesome blueberry muffins (these are made with white flour and not super healthy, but oh so good!)
light wheat bread (good sandwich bread)

I've been working hard at this lately, trying new recipes for dinner as well as trying to figure out how to make these things.  I figure that making my own eliminates the preservatives, lets me control the ingredients, is cheaper, healthier, and saves packaging waste from buying all this at the store.  I'm continually working on this and will share more as I go.  

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  1. This makes me want a bread machine all the more!! Right now I'm trying to find easy bread recipes. I just made low calorie onion breadsticks last night. I will have to pass the recipe on to you to try!