Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The girls and I decided to make brownies today.  We tried out a recipe from Heavenly Homemakers "What to Do With the Cocoa in Your Kitchen" recipe card pack.  They turned out well, a little too dark chocolatey tasting for me, but I added peanut butter on top and that made it all better.  They were just as easy as using a boxed mix, but healthier.  I might need to try experimenting with some different brands of cocoa powder to find one that works better.  We have 13 cocoa recipes to work with.  I'm not complaining.

Click here to visit Laura Coppinger @ Heavenly Homemakers.
(Scroll to the bottom of the shop for the recipe card packs.)

The cocoa recipe card pack can be printed off through Shutterfly or whatever photo printing service you use.  Each recipe prints out nicely on its own card.  We gave these recipe cards along with some organic cocoa as Christmas gifts this year.  As long as you don't share the actual files, you can print out as many of the recipe cards as you would like to, which makes these a great deal.

I want to try the "What to Do With the Chicken in Your Kitchen" cards next, but gifting those to someone along with a chicken just didn't seem to work as well so we went with the cocoa set first.

Disclosure:  We received these cards for review.  I'm an affiliate for Heavenly Homemakers so if you happen to make a purchase through my link it helps support my blog.  Thanks!


  1. That's a fun gift idea! I'll have to remember that. We always used unsweetened chocolate for brownies from scratch, too. Yum! My brother was the one that always made them so we named them after him:)

  2. Oh yum. That looks Soooo good.