Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Easy Bento Box

I've had these Bento boxes on my wish list for several months now.  Today I noticed that they are down to half price!  From $9.99 to just $4.49 plus 8% off if you buy 2-6 of them, and of course, free shipping.  I picked up 4 and only payed $1.52 because I had Swagbucks gift cards saved up.  My girls are going to love using these bento boxes for picnics at the park this summer!  (and yes, the fourth one is for me)  ;)

Check out Another Lunch for photos of some super cute Lock n Lock Bento lunches.


  1. I just ordered some, too! I'm getting tired of using baggies for the boys' lunch so hopefully these work well. I think they'll think they're cool! Thanks for posting about them!:)