Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lavender Pillow Pouch

We have some gorgeous lavender bushes growing along our front sidewalk.  I love smelling them in the summer as I walk up to the house.  Harvesting the lavender is really easy and fun to do.  Of course they are not in bloom right now, but I had some dried lavender in the basement that I needed to use up.

I sewed a little pillow out of fabric scraps, filled it with lavender, and sewed it shut.  I tucked one inside each child's pillowcase so they would receive the benefits of smelling the calming lavender all night long.  These have lasted quite a long time, even going through the washer and drier a couple times on accident, but are still smelling wonderfully.  Scrunching them up a bit releases the scent.

One of these pouches in the drier also works well to lightly scent your laundry.

We've also put lavender buds in water to simmer on the stove and add some humidity and calm to our house.  I'm looking forward to harvesting more lavender this summer and coming up with more uses for it.  I imagine you could also purchase dried lavender somewhere for this same purpose.  Sweet dreams!


  1. Mmmm! I am inspired to plant more lavender in my front planter this spring! :)

  2. Wonderful idea! I've made a note of this, I'd like to plant some!

  3. Lavender is just wonderful! Great idea.

  4. I just read about using Lavendar Essential oil to help with sleep (by massaging it into your temples). I'll do this in the winter, but will be growing it this summer for these pouches. Thanks!