Monday, April 12, 2010

"That" Moment

We had a fun moment at our house the other day. Lucy has been learning to read, sounding out letters and putting them together to make words. She's been doing this in her schoolwork and does great, but for the first time the other day she picked up something on her own and was reading. She got a Spinny Speller for Christmas and wasn't too interested in it at the time. On Sunday she picked it up and started reading every word, giggling with Julia at the silly ones like "hig" and "mup". It was so much fun to listen to her sounding out "m" - "o" - "p" - "mop!" Ross walked into the kitchen and I told him - this is that moment in life when your child learns to read and for the first time is sounding out everything and catching on! So much fun!


  1. That's awesome Christy!

  2. That's terrific--my daughter is almost 4 and at the same stage. She's getting so excited about reading.