Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flip Disposable Diapers

I'm not impressed with the Flip Disposable Inserts. I want to like them, but I don't. At all. We took them along with us on our recent weekend trip out of town. Thank goodness I brought disposables too because these are awful.

I had three Flip covers and the disposable inserts to use. The first time I had one of them on Esther she pooped and it went all over. It was sort of like just letting her poop in a plain cover because the insert did nothing to contain or absorb the poop. I had to rinse out her clothes, the pad I changed her on, and the cover. I had planned on washing the cover by hand in the sink if it got dirty, but I couldn't get the poop out of the folds in the elastic leg casing and across the back. Thankfully this all happened in the hotel room rather than during one of the conference sessions. I still had the other two covers to use, but I didn't even try again that weekend because I couldn't risk another huge mess.

Other times that I've had the disposable inserts on Esther, even with just pee they are soaked and the cover gets wet and isn't reusable. Like I said, I want to like them - the inserts are soft and I like that they are "healthier" than disposables. I think they are too narrow and thin though. For some reason, I've also had trouble with the laminate peeling on the inside of the covers, something my other diapers have never done. I may be able to exchange these, but I haven't tried to do that yet.

We do like the Flip covers with the organic prefold insert, but its the same thing as folding a prefold and laying it in any cover. I like the snaps on the cover and the stretchy elastic tabs but overall I just don't love the system as much as I had hoped to.

I did not receive this product for review, I purchased it.


  1. Contact Flip/Cottonbabies about the problems you had. :-)

  2. Yuck! So sorry you had to deal with that while you were away from home. :( I learned early on that the convenience of disposables when away from home is far from convenient. We now use cloth ALL the time, no matter how long we're away from home. The last trip we took last weekend, I did buy some of those lay-in paper flushable liners. I was skeptical, but it really did make poop clean up easier and I didn't have to swish a single diaper the whole weekend. I think I bought Bummis and they are nice and big and really cover the whole inside of the diaper.

  3. Oooh, the flushable liners are a good idea. How do you wash diapers when you're traveling? I didn't think we had space to bring enough cloth for the three days + figure out how to wash.