Friday, February 28, 2014


This was a fun meal that we did with the kids on New Year's Eve.  Years ago, while visiting friends in Germany over New Year's, we had fondue.  That tends to be the time of year now that I think about having it.  I love fondue but thought it might be difficult with all the little ones.  It turns out it was a blast and they did great!

On our table we had:

fondue pot with chicken broth in it

an extra carton of broth as it does evaporate

raw chicken cut into chunks



lil smokies links

sauces and spices - butter, garlic salt, BBQ sauce, ketchup, seasonings

a pot of cooked wild rice

The kids had so much fun "cooking their own food".  The lil smokies were a great addition to the table because they were already cooked and just had to be warmed a little and could be eaten quickly. The best part is seriously the broccoli - it turns out so tasty cooked in the chicken broth!  Julia thought so too because she kept eating tons of broccoli and cauliflower.  We all enjoyed the slow pace of this fun meal and are looking forward to trying it again sometime.

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