Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MadeOn Hard Lotion Review

In this post, I mentioned a few of our favorite bath products from MadeOn Hard Lotion: diaper rash cream, hard lotion bars, and beesilk jr.  I just had to give them their own post and rave about them a bit more!  (Click here to visit MadeOn Lotion.)

diaper rash cream:  This is one of the best rash creams I've come across!  It contains zinc oxide, but not the nasty fishy stink and chemicals that other rash creams have.  A huge plus is that its safe for cloth diapers. I've used it for quite some time now and haven't had any issues with the diapers.  Usually one or two applications of this cream quickly clears up any redness.

hard lotion bar:  This is the first product that I ever bought from MadeOn Hard Lotion.  Lucy gets really red chapped hands in the winter.  We've tried plenty of creams and lotions, and this one works best.  It is nice and thick as it goes on, and really soaks into the skin and just works so well.  I've raved about it to others, and gave some to my mother in law for her sore cracking fingers.  At Christmas, I got each of my girls their own tiny hard lotion bar in a tin.  They like having their own to carry around (and I like that its perfectly safe for them).

beesilk jr:  Esther gets dry bumpy skin on her legs.  Beesilk jr is similar to the hard lotion bars, but easier to coat sensitive baby skin with.  We rub this on her after a bath, and it really helps.  Like the hard lotion, it stays on the skin and absorbs really well.  This is the perfect lotion for babies and little ones.

We were sent diaper rash cream and beesilk jr so that we could share with you just how much we love these products.  I have also purchased these on my own before and truly do enjoy them.  I am also an affiliate for MadeOn Hard Lotion, so clicking through my site to make a purchase helps.  Thanks!  Click here to visit MadeOn Lotion.

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  1. My favorite is Weleda diaper cream. But it is the best choice because they sell here in Chile, USA I imagine there are many more options diaper creams.

    Warm regards.

    PS: I love that Bumgenius!