Thursday, April 12, 2012

Butterfly Scripture Canvas

My mom is here visiting from Texas this week.  Aside from getting in lots of baby snuggle time, she helped me paint this beautiful canvas for the girls' bedroom.  We used this scripture art and this butterfly canvas for inspiration.  Psalm 4:8 was one of our memory verses earlier this year.  Lucy and Julia both know it by heart and say it at bedtime when they are afraid.  I've had a little paper posted in their bedroom with the verse written on it, but wanted a better way to display it.  I absolutely love how this turned out!

We used a 22"x28" canvas, acrylic paint, watercolors, watercolor paper, a black paint marker, and a butterfly punch.

Everyone helped paint the canvas.  It took a couple of coats (2 bottles of the paint).

We used watercolors to make bright pictures with splotches of color.

My mom wrote the words on the canvas with a pencil first, and then the paint marker.  We punched butterflies out of the watercolor paintings and used hot glue to stick them on.

I love, love, love it!

(For more ideas on how to creatively display scripture in your home check out the Write Them on the Doorposts contest.)


  1. What a special thing for the girls...I mean kids... to remind them of grandma!! :) Where will it go?

    1. Its in their bedroom, above Esther's toddler bed. :)

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  3. I love that verse. I had it painted on my nursery walls for my first born. It was sad when 7yrs later I painted over the nursery to make the room look older for my son. I would sing that verse to him since he was a baby. LOVE IT!!!

  4. The scripture on canvas turned out very nice! Great choice of scripture!

  5. Looks beautiful! You are so creative. Fun that Grandma helped, too. Hope you enjoy your visit!

  6. Excellent idea. Beautifully done and such a special way for them to remember.

  7. That looks great! I should get a shaped punch... =)

    -- Laura S

  8. So like precious Sharleen! She is a life-giving friend like a butterfly bringing life and beauty wherever she is.