Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Post That Wasn't

As always, I have lots of blog posts planned and never enough time to write them all.  I started writing this post called "Steps to Healthy Eating" but it got really, really long.  I wanted to include tips and share recipes and things I've tried and... yeah, it turned into a book.  Not exactly a book, just a really long blog post.  Without pictures.  I hate blog posts without pictures.

Here, how about a picture of a drop leaf table for this post?  What, you aren't shopping for drop leaf tables?  Me either really.  But I thought a picture of a table would go well with a post about "Steps to Healthy Eating".  Then again, this isn't really a post about healthy eating because that post got way too long.  This is more like a "post that never was".  So pretend you didn't read this post.  I'll stop trying to write novels and go back to sharing one tip, one step, one recipe at a time.  Its a lot easier that way, don't you think?


  1. LOL! I hate it when that happens.

  2. ummm....I'm confused. are we talking about eating drop leaf tables? Just kidding :) I make it a rule to only have one thought in my head at any given time, so one tip, one step, one recipe--yeah, that works for me, too :)