Saturday, February 27, 2010

Newborn Cloth Diapering: Pocket Diapers

(This is part of a series on cloth diapering. See my post on fitteds and prefolds here, and a post on covers here.)

Fuzzi Bunz Small - These are probably my favorite diapers on Esther. We use these at night and whenever we're going out somewhere. They are very absorbent but the fleece inner keeps her dry. I didn't try these until she was about 10lbs. At that point they fit nicely and I expect to get quite a bit more use from these. We have had poop leak once or twice out the legs but most of the time its contained pretty well. These are great diapers, I think I could go with a whole stash of just these.

BumGenius One Size- These are a great fit on the small setting. I was using just the tiny insert but we've moved up to the bigger insert snapped down to the small setting. The suedecloth inner is great at keeping Esther dry which is nice for night or going out places because she can stay in the diaper a bit longer. We reach for these often and like them. The only drawback is that over time the velcro wears out, Julia has a stash of these that I need to repair so that Esther can use them too.

Fuzzi Bunz One Size - I reviewed this diaper a couple of months ago on Julia. I was curious to see how well it would work for a newborn. After tightening the leg elastic, it is very similar to the small Fuzzi Bunz. Its baggier in the bottom, but not too much. As Esther grows it will be nice to be able to customize the fit just by loosening the elastic a bit.

Swaddlebees - This is a nice trim fitting pocket diaper with fleece stay dry lining. One drawback is that the velcro is too close to the top of the diaper and ends up scratching Esther's tummy sometimes. The fleece lining also kind of shows around the leg and I'm afraid this diaper just won't contain messy newborn poop very well. I haven't it enough to be sure though.

Flip Diaper - I'll include this here, although its really a hybrid diaper. You can read about it at Abby's Lane. I like how the cover fits, its tight enough around the legs and the stretchy tabs at the waist are nice. The insert doesn't contain newborn poop very well, I usually end up having to throw the whole thing in the wash because it gets on the cover. I also tried this diaper on Julia and it fits nicely on her but she pees through the insert pretty quickly. I'd love to get a few more pieces of this system, the pink Zinnia color is adorable.

Summary -
If you haven't noticed, I can't make up my mind about which diaper system I like best! Fitteds and covers are great for containing newborn poop. I also like using cute wool covers, although I suppose I could always use wool over a pocket diaper too. Fuzzi Bunz are probably my favorite. ...who knew there was this much to think about with cloth diapers? What's your favorite system?

Some of my favorite stores to shop for diapers are Abby's Lane, Ecobuns, and Nicki's Diapers. Abby's Lane offers free shipping and 5% off everything when you join their yahoo group (purple button at the bottom of the page). If you happen to order from them for the first time, mention that I referred you and I'll get a small credit. Thanks!


  1. Just because it sounds like you don't have enough options yet ;) I thought I'd mention SposoEasy AIOs by Blue Penguin. We looooove them. I like that they don't have synthetic inners and the attached but not sewn in soaker dries faster than any other diapers we have.
    Also, another that I've looked at and thought about trying is the one-size Softbums AI2s. They are ridiculously adjustable fitting even the tiniest of babies and supposedly you can just change out the snap-in if the shell doesn't get soiled.

    Great review of your pockets! I've never been a fan, I prefer WAHM AI2s myself.

  2. pockets are our favorites too. we love fuzzi bunz. my favorite one size pocket is rumparooz. they have gussets built in the insides too that may help with the poo containment. i've never used one on breastfed poo...yet!

    thanks again for all your work!

  3. I love woolies over pocket dipes for overnight or for when you really need to be sure that your diapering is bomb proof (for instance, a fancy white christening dress when the day's poop has not shown up yet).

    Probably my favorite dipes are Mommy's Touch one size pockets. We've used these with Emma since she was a newborn and I've never had a leak. They are a little bulky on a tiny baby but they still fit even when we are almost grown out of the Bumgenius 3.0s

  4. I've used Fuzzibunz on all three of my kids! I LOVE them! For us, they were the best ones out there!

  5. We've kept our stash very simple, which has made it easier when it comes to finding them (all bought used) and to helping Daddy know what is what. (He is a GREAT cloth diaper changer, washer, and fan!)

    We used KL0s for the first 9 weeks and really loved them. We had a few prefolds, but weren't terribly excited about them and if we don't like them more with this baby then they will be sold. After the first 9 weeks we switched to our Happy Heiny One Size pockets. We have about 14 of those and 5 bumGenius 2.0s. Daddy prefers the Happy Heiny, I'll work with either. We just found 4 more HH to add to the stash (getting ready for baby coming in June, since little guy is only 19 months old).

    I think that it can be really overwhelming at first...I'm grateful we just made a choice and ran with it. A good friend gave us 2 months and we've been cloth only for 19 months now. No disposables (even when traveling!) since the day after we came home. Serious time saver, money saver and landfill space saver!


  6. I just wanted to say that Esther is a doll!