Monday, February 8, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Octopus

For Muffin Tin Monday today I just had to do the octopus lunch that I've seen a couple times. We're studying Octopus this week! We've had about a six week break from school and Lucy was begging me to start up again with her. Even Daddy is getting into things this week with us, watching video clips of octopus was very interesting. Did you know they can change colors and even make themselves patterned? Octopuses are very smart and can open a jar to get food out. We're learning all kinds of fun things. Anyway, our lunch today was a big hit! Octopus hot dog, seaweed (pesto noodles), and fish. :) Check back later this week for a summary of our Octopus activities if you're interested.