Friday, April 10, 2009

Potty Training Tips

Julia has been asking to "go pee" like her big sister for quite some time now.  She has occasionally even told me when she has to go and has started staying dry at times.  I don't think she's close to being completely potty trained, but we're in the beginning stages.  We don't even need a sticker chart because she's so excited to be like her big sister and loves when Lucy and I clap for her.  I have a few tips and tricks to share with you about potty training:

The Potty Seat.  We recently remodeled our bathroom and in the process found this potty seat.  I saw it here but the one we purchased was found at our local Target.  I think every home with young children should have one of these!  No more messy potty seat being taken off and on the potty and dripping pee drips everywhere.  The smaller seat flips up into the lid when not needed and it also has little locks you can slide over to trap it in the lid in case you had company coming over and didn't want them to get confused or something.  

The Onesie Trick.  A friend shared this with me back when we worked in a daycare together in the potty training room.  If your child is wearing a onesie, unsnap it as usual, and then snap it back together over one shoulder so that it doesn't fall into the potty and get in the way.  Nice.

Cloth Trainers.  Lucy potty trained fairly easily and without many accidents but Julia is not quite as ready.  She wants to try so badly that I purchased her a pair of cloth training pants to use rather than putting her in underwear.  I chose the organic cotton Imse Vimse farm print here.  I had tried some other brands with Lucy and they were just too bulky and didn't work right for her.  These are cute and trim, but have a waterproof layer in them that I think will help.  We haven't used them yet as Julia is not quite ready but I'll let you know how she likes them soon.  

That's all I've got for today.  Have you found any other tips or tricks that work for you?  


  1. We are giving Hayden a dime to tape into a circle on an index card. When he fills all five circles on the card he gets to choose a wrapped matchbox size car or truck. We wrapped them so that he wouldn't just choose his favorites and then loose motivation. He knows what's under that tissue paper and I think he is catching on! Yea!

  2. We had some training pants like that, and they were nice, but the size was smaller than expected and my son outgrew them before he was trained. We learned that his diaper covers, Dappi pull-on nylon covers, could be worn over regular underpants to prevent (or at least reduce) leaks while the wetness was still very obvious to him because underpants don't absorb much. I highly recommend these covers over diapers, too, but if you prefer another kind, you still could get some of these for toilet-training as they're very affordably priced!

  3. Becca, thanks for the tip! I actually have several reviews and giveaways coming up of various cloth training pants. :)