Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mommy Cards

I'm official! I have my own mommy "business" cards. Actually, I've had them since Lucy was a baby and recently updated them to include Julia's name too. (Did I just admit that? She's 20 months old! In my defense, I just gave away the last one the other day.)

I saw the idea in a parenting magazine and decided it couldn't be hard to make my own. I bought some Avery printable business cards in the office supply section of WalMart, made my simple design in Word and printed them off. The package of business cards came with instructions that made printing fairly simple. I carry these in my diaper bag and have found them to be so nice for handing someone rather than fumbling around trying to find a pen and paper and then write while holding a wiggly baby. Getting together for playdates is that much easier now, I just hand off the card with my email address and phone number on it. Give it a try! (and save a copy for your little one's baby book too)

1 comment:

  1. i have some of those but of course my problem is remembering to actually have them with me or use them. haha.