Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Puppy Poop!

I'm sure you've all been wondering what we're using to pick up after Poca.  Ok, maybe not, but of course, like everything else, I researched the topic before I made my decision, so now you get to hear about it.  ;)  There are doggy compost systems out there, but nothing I wanted to mess with just yet.  In the beginning when we were walking Poca outside each time to potty, it made sense to go ahead and pick up after her right away.  Eventually we might use a scooper of some kind, but in the beginning we needed bags.

Earthrated sent us a box of their various bags to try out.  Here are my thoughts:

green dispenser: This works well.  It is sturdy and the top screws off, making the bags easy to insert.  It has a velcro loop that attaches to a leash or elsewhere.  This is also a good size to stick in my pocket and bring along when needed.

lavender scented bags: We thought that these smelled rather strongly.  In fact, we complained about it a bit until we tried using unscented bags.  At that point I realized that poop stinks(!) and that the lavender bags were actually doing a good job of covering up the smell.

compostable bag:  I like that these bags are compostable, but I don't have a compost pile, nor would I want to put dog poop on one if I had one.  I assume compostable means these will do better in a landfill than the other non-compostable bags, but I'm not sure.  These bags are bigger, but thinner.  After using the other bags, I don't like how thin these are.  I want to be green, but I also don't want poop on me.

unscented green bags: Ok, these are the best.  I decided that the lavender scent is too strong for me, and am super thrilled (about poop bags?  Ok, maybe not thrilled... mildly happy?) that Earthrated decided to make an unscented version of their bags.  We'll continue using these.

Overall:  We've never had one of these bags rip or cause a poop disaster of any kind.  They are a good size and long enough to pick up poop, keep your hand covered, and tie a knot in the top when done.  I like the green aspect of the bags (recycled paper core, eco-friendly).  We tried another brand that didn't perform as well; these are great.

Thanks, Earthrated, for the sample box.  Two thumbs up from us!

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