Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Cozy Pack N Play

We live in a small two bedroom house... with four kids.  The second bedroom is quite full.  Two dressers, twin bunkbeds, a toddler bed, and a small toy shelf fill the room.  So where does Isaac sleep?  He sleeps with us right now, but eventually he will move to a pack n play in our room.  I am getting it set up and my plan is to start using it for naps and go from there.  In the past, my babies haven't liked the pack n play, but I think I found a way to make it pretty comfy for him.

I discovered a pack n play mattress on Amazon!  Genius!  Who wants to sleep on a hard bumpy pack n play bottom anyway?

This is the pack n play we bought:

And here is the pack n play mattress! (The description says it fits a square pack n play, which is obviously not true.)  It fits perfectly.

I also bought this organic waterproof mattress cover.  We have the crib size on Esther's toddler bed and love it.  These are very soft and comfortable and not crinkly at all.  I took a chance with the sizing on this one since it wasn't exactly the measurements I was looking for, but its stretchy enough that it works just fine.  (You can see it on the mattress in my photo above.)

These organic sheets fit over top of it all (get two!).  Again, I love these.  They are stretchy, soft, and comfortable.  I used this same brand in a different size on our co-sleeper.

Oh, and the kitty in the top picture is "Diddy".  Isaac is obsessed with kitties and was so excited when I got him his own diddy.  He is so cute snuggling with it!


  1. We live in a 2bdr house with (soon to be 4) children too! :) Your set up sounds just like ours. I just set up the Pack N play for our newest addition who is due any day now!

  2. I wish I would have known about this when El was teeny. She was in the pack and play until she was like 4ish months, we we finally gave in and she moved to the bed. She is still in bed with me, and my poor husband is still on the couch. She is to the point now where I just have to lay next to her at nap until she falls asleep, but still nurses at night. I think we are going to put a mattress on the floor in her room to start napping on. She can't be up high, because she tends to "ditch" the bed head first...every time. :) And the "diddy" is too cute!!