Wednesday, December 7, 2011


a trip to Illinois for Thanksgiving to be with family and celebrate my Grandpa's life and passing

secret sewing projects: (a superhero cape for a special little boy!)

another secret sewing project that I am so excited about!  (for Esther's birthday)

snuggles and books

playing games

and so much more!
What's keeping you busy this December?


  1. The secret sewing project is SO cute! I made one for the boys, too, like one my grandma had when we were growing up. This one has some very cute details I should've added! There should be HOURS of enjoyment at your house. Such fun!

    We're visiting lots of Christmas Markets, counting down the days til we come home, and celebrating St. Nicholas Day this week.

  2. The Super Hero Cape is So cute!!
    I need to get one for my son!

  3. Christy I love the play house? Have you started it yet??
    Karen Weiss :)