Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our New Table

The kitchen table that we've had for six years now was just getting way too small for our growing family.  Esther didn't even have a chair, aside from her highchair.  I had been considering getting a preschool art table for school use this fall, but we eventually decided that we really just needed a bigger kitchen table.

After searching Craigslist, we ended up finding a wonderful table with extra leaves and six chairs.  I love it!  With the leaves in, we can fit eight chairs around it quite comfortably.  Having company over was always a bit tricky with our tiny little table, but now we're all set.

The girls were excited to try out the new table too!  They love it and keep talking about how much more space we have.

We've been using the table for a few weeks now, and its great!  I can even put dishes of food on the table while we eat instead of having to leave everything on the kitchen counter.  Lucy will be able to do her schoolwork at one end and I will still have room to serve lunch or work on some other project.  

Even without the leaves in, we have so much more room.  I love our big table!  When we got the table I told my husband that I might cry.  It's just a table, but it symbolizes our big family and being prepared to offer hospitality to others, both of which are important to us.  :)  Want to come over for dinner?

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  1. I recently inherited my great-grandparent's dining room table that can seat 8, after 15 years of a table for four. I love what you said about it being a symble of hospitality - I totally agree!

  2. That looks great! Congratulations!!

  3. I know how you feel about the table...with the exception of it symbolizing our family being big (it's the three of us since our oldest passed away). We got a spectacular deal on a real, genuine Amish table that is 10 feet long and seats 8. Congratulations on your new piece of furniture that will be a blessing for many, many years!

  4. What a pretty table! I love that it came with leaves.