Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Food Documentaries

Ross and I watched a couple of food documentaries on Netflix recently and were totally inspired!  (Ok, not really recently, I wrote this post months ago and forgot to post it?  lol  Its still good though.)

This is a must-see.  Really, everyone should see this movie.  We learned so much about our food, where it comes from, and some of the (shocking) politics behind it.  Food Inc is very well done, educational, and eye opening.  It has prompted us to make even further changes to our eating habits.  Watch it and you will never be the same.  Ross and I both agreed that we want to buy this movie and show it to anyone who will watch.  (We did end up buying the movie.)

After being so inspired by Food Inc, I searched Netflix to find similar movies we could watch on demand.  King Corn touches on some of the same issues as Food Inc, focusing more on the corn crops and farm subsidies.  Its a bit slower and not as all encompassing, but still a good one to see.  We learned more about some of the farming issues and it kept our interest.  

No Impact Man was sort of like watching a reality TV show.  The family in the film tries for a year to make as little impact on the earth as possible.  They try some interesting things - going without electricity, making an alternate refrigerator, and more.  Not much detail is given about anything that they do, other than how they felt about it.  Kind of fun to watch, but not revolutionary.  It could have been done in a more compelling manner.  

There are a couple more food documentary type DVDs on my Netflix list, but I doubt they'll be able to top Food Inc.  Have you seen any of these?  What inspires you to change your eating habits for the better?


  1. Wow, I think God is really trying to get my attention on this subject! I just read another blog post about eating whole foods and sugar intake and what a difference it made. I'll have to go look for those movies on Netflix now and get hubby to watch them too.
    Thanks for sharing this info, now I just need to put some things in practice!

  2. Marixa, it was great to have my husband watch these along with me because then we were both inspired together. Just start taking baby steps and changing one thing at a time. :)

  3. We loved both Food, Inc and King Corn. Since we are farmers I thought King Corn was particularly interesting. Super Size Me is another one we've seen.
    I'm inspired to feed my family better than what is "normal" because of all the sickness around us. I don't want my kids to have to battle obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc, etc. An even bigger motivator is my obligation as a Christian to be a good steward of the body that I was given.

  4. I'll have to watch King Corn. The other two were really good. Ian has agreed to watch Food, Inc. with me - why haven't we watched it together yet??? It's amazing the stuff you find out once you start down this road.

  5. We watched Super Size Me a while ago and we've seen Food Inc. I think just doing a little at a time. Then one day you'll look back and say, "Oh, we are eating better than we did six months ago." It does take time but it is worth the efforts IMHO.